Updated on 30 March, 2017

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05-08 June, 2017
CLEAN 2017
Las Vegas, USA


14-16 October, 2017
Paris, France


07-09 November, 2017
Dubai, UAE


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New Products

Single Body/Sleeve Press
Model YPS-301U Type IV
Model AP-600 (in the USA)
Productivity: 70 shirts/Hr
with Quality
- Sleeve Angle Adjustment
- Curved Heat Plate

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The " YAC JAPAN " Shirt Press

"Press 10 extra Shirts an hour and could make $2000 extra a month"

The fastest system with same working hour, same number of operators, and same foot print.

YAC Japan strikes for productivity with high speed press system to save cost and eventually improve profitability.


How Productivity translates to Profit ?

Let's say a Cleaner Presses 200 Shirts a day. This is a calculation.

With YAC Japan System, Cleaner can finish pressing 200 shirts by less than 3hour and make the operator focus on other jobs. Other system may spend whole day to press 200 shirts and could end up with over time if unexpected problems happen.

High Productivity save labor and utility cost.


Why YAC Japan! What makes us the better!

Spring Pad with Silicon mat

When Shirts are ironed, where the water go? Super heated Heat Plate forces the wetness out from shirts. But, if it is trapped between heat plate and pad, water marks or wrinkles stay on shirts which no one like. YAC Japan Spring pad creates easy channel for steam to flow out from the shirt smoothly. Silicon mat not only helps to dry shirts faster but also improves vacuum efficiency to hold down shirts on the dummy firmly.


Large Heat Plates

Super large Heat Plates are made with thick steel and special surface coating. YAC Japan's heat plates can efficiently generate higher temperature and maintain its temperature during process. Heat plates are curved much like our body to touch all around shirts.

Well known Japanese Parts Are Used

The Panasonic touch screen ‘operator interface’ provides user friendly access to trouble shooting codes, system set up, operation parameter changes and productivity monitoring. And the system is controlled by proven Panasonic PLC computer technology, too.

200 Shirts/Hour Press System Demonstration in Tokyo, Japan
Operators from the cleaners press 240+ Shirts/Hour
(Combination with YPS-005, YPS-403 and YPS-502)


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